About us

Ngwane It is a small group of creative computer engineers based in Pretoria North. Gauteng Province.

The Company was established in 2006. Prior to its establishment, NGWANE IT founder worked in a number of different Companies where he gained experience in the Information and Communication Technology. From inception of the Company, he has focused on the provision of Network services and IT Procurement in the Corporate and Government Sector. NGWANE IT is a Company with an office situated at a residential area in Pretoria North.


  • We intend to standout in our market as the most professionally operated ICT solutions provider. We will make sure that our clients knows that choosing NGWANE IT as partner is the safe choice that will definitely brings stability and growth to their companies
  • To pool specialized skills to enhance the quality of Network and Computer services we provide.
  • To be the Company of first choice.


  • We are innovative and creative in delivering quality services and strive for excellence.
  • To anticipate and consistently meet the ICT needs for our client thus creating value, and helping them grow their business, making them more efficient and competitive
  • To create value for our employees by providing ICT training using leaner ship programs and reward structures consisting of individual development and career advancement.
  • To exceed the unique service expectations of our clients.


  • To provide sound quality services.
  • To be creative and innovative.
  • To promptly respond to new challenges and strive to meet client needs.
  • Prompt delivery of services.
  • Form alliances and strategic partnerships with professionals in other fields in order to enhance our intellectual skills base, improve the quality of services we provide and enhance our expertise.

Grow the Company’s intellectual capital with a primary view to contribute positively to strengthen the capacity of clients in fulfilling their business objectives. Provide holistic services to clients.

+27 (0)73 219 1517
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