How we work

It's not what we do that's new, it's how it's done. We have adopted an Agile approach to software project development and have researched various tools and frameworks that fit in with this approach.

Our Solutions

The Application and Integration Solution Service offerings provide a full spectrum of services that include the development, integration, maintenance and enhancement of information systems that are often at the core of ongoing business activities.

The prime focus of the division includes the provision of Information Technology’s Solution, Systems Integration, Solution architecture and implementation, application outsourcing and support and co-sourcing with our clients. Certified project managers with world-class methodology experience support our services..

Testing and quality assurance services complete the offerings thus enabling us to provide total solutions to our client base.

IT Consulting

The IT consulting business unlocks maximum value from your investment in technology. Using our unique talents and methodologies, our consultancy services range from IT Strategy, through programmed management to executive information and business intelligence.

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